The least favorite bug of our equine partners and ourselves. Mosquitos pose a threat to our horses and to us by causing severe skin irritation and can transmit deadly diseases. Make sure you are changing out your horse’s water trough and eliminating any standing water.

Here are two great online articles published by “The Horse”

Learn more about West Nile Virus, one of the more common mosquito-transmitted diseases in our area:

Learn more about Tips and Tricks for dealing with mosquitoes:

Here at Sweet River Equine Clinic, Inc. we have vaccines that are very effective for protecting your horse. We offer the West Nile Virus vaccine by itself, or in combination with Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis and Tetanus (commonly referred to as a "West Nile Combo" or "4-way"). We also offer a vaccine that includes Rabies, in addition to all those above (commonly referred to as "CoreEq"). Typically, we vaccinate for Influenza and Rhino (Equine Herpes Virus) with a separate vaccine, called "Flu/Rhino".

As always, our veterinarians will create an individual vaccination program for your horse, based on his/her medical history and exposure risks. Give us a call at (209) 524-9191 and we can set up an appointment to get your horse protected today!


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