We Offer Microchipping!

Microchipping isn’t just for your dog or cat anymore. Horses are just as susceptible to needing identification. Having your horse microchipped is important for many reasons. Starting in January 2017, the Jockey Club required all Thoroughbred foals be microchipped. And as of December 1, 2017, all horses competing in U.S. Equestrian Federation-licensed and/or U.S. Hunter Jumper Association-sanctioned competitions with hunter-jumper seat equitation classes must be microchipped.

Maybe your horse doesn’t go to shows, but what if you lost him/her while horse-camping or trail riding? What if your horses were left to roam free during a wildfire or a flood? Do you know someone who has had their horse stolen? Microchips ensure that your horse can be returned to you in these unfortunate events.

We place the microchip in the nuchal ligament in the left side of the horse’s neck, halfway between the poll and the withers. A local block can ensure that the process is painless, and many horses do not require sedation. Our equine-specific microchips come with pre-paid registration, so all you have to do is enter your information online and you’re done!

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