Equine Services

​​​​​​​At Sweet River Equine Clinic, Inc., we are committed to providing genuine care, comfort, and high-quality veterinary medicine for our patients and clients. We are committed to nurturing the human-animal bond and helping horses live healthier longer lives. We pledge to provide the best client service at all times. We promise to treat you and your horses with integrity, respect, and dignity.

We appreciate the special role your horse has in your family. Our healthcare team is committed to providing the highest quality veterinary care to your horse with competence, sensitivity, and compassion. We provide personal attention to the unique needs and concerns of each individual horse as if it were our own.

We offer routine preventative care; early detection and treatment of diseases; lameness diagnostics and treatment; reproduction services; select surgical procedures; client education as well as 24/7 emergency ambulatory services.


Our clinic has a fully equipped surgical suite for elective and emergency surgeries, as well as stocks for standing surgeries.

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Reproductive Services

Have you been curious about breeding your mare? Sweet River Equine Clinic, Inc. has a wonderful breeding program and we are excited to share it with you! We will discuss Artificial Insemination (AI), fresh semen, fresh cooled semen, frozen semen and embryo transfers. This is going to help you decide which is the best route for you and your mare.

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Preventative and Senior Care

Preventative Care is important in keeping your horse’s health maintained throughout their life.

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Pre-Purchase Exam

Are you looking at a potential new horse? Great! Let’s get you set up for a Pre-Purchase Exam today.

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Lameness and Sports Medicine

Lameness is one of the most prevalent problems presented to equine veterinarians. The term is used to describe an abnormal gait or stance due to the animal feeling pain or experiencing a restriction in the normal range of movement caused by underlying mechanical or neurological problems. The pain or restriction can originate from any part of the body such as the hoof, the leg or neck. The degree of severity can vary from a mild change in gait to completely preventing the horse from using or bearing weight on the affected limb. Unfortunately, lameness is the primary reason that older horses are put down.

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Microchipping isn’t just for your dog or cat anymore. Horses are just as susceptible to needing identification. Having your horse microchipped is important for many reasons. Starting in January 2017, the Jockey Club required all Thoroughbred foals be microchipped. And as of December 1, 2017, all horses competing in U.S. Equestrian Federation-licensed and/or U.S. Hunter Jumper Association-sanctioned competitions with hunter-jumper seat equitation classes must be microchipped.

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When a person or animal is unwell, external symptoms and blood test results may only tell a small part of the story. Advances in medical technology mean that it is now possible to see what is actually happening inside you, and one of these procedures is known as an endoscopy.

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Equine castration is the most common surgical procedure performed on horses. Not only does it prevent unwanted breeding, but it can also dramatically improve the behavior and management of your horse.

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